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Inlaid Furniture- Bringing Historic Art To Modern Era

Inlaid Furniture- Bringing Historic Art to Modern Era

Inlaid Furniture

The art of inlaid furniture, also called intarsia, is very old. People have been doing it for centuries in Africa, Asia, and Europe. It is a special way of making patterns and designs using camel bone or mother of pearl. These materials are put into the wood to make different colors and the design looks like it is 3D.

Examples of bone inlay are usually in old furniture pieces and things. This skill is still evident in today’s times. They have bones and cost less. You can find bone inlay on lots of different things like tables, desks, chairs, and more.

Modern inlay designs usually have organic lines and shapes, but they can also be geometric. Inlay furniture is still made by skilled people, which makes each piece unique.

Consumers, however, cannot assume that all inlays are actual bones. Some people might use plastics or resins instead of inlaid furniture. If you want to make sure you are getting the real thing, then only buy from a reputable dealer. Bone is stronger and more durable than plastic or resin. It also makes the furniture more valuable and sophisticated. If you don’t want to buy furniture with animal bones in it, then look for mother-of-pearl furniture instead.

Mother of pearl is an organic mineral with calcium carbonate deposits of oysters and abalones. Its distinguishing feature is its iridescence, as opposed to bone’s generally flat or buffed white appearance. Many designers and interior decorators keep bone inlay furniture on their palette of home decor ideas. A few pieces of furniture embellished with beautiful bone inlay definitely make a statement in a room. The complex designs catch the eye and add an element of surprise. The matchless style generates conversation. More than that, inlaid furniture transforms a piece of furniture into functional art, and it brings history into the home.


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