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Comprehensive Metal Guide for your Home

What is right for your space Discover with Our comprehensive Metal finishes Guide

Know what is right for your space. A myth about brass metal is that integrating its furniture pieces accentuates your home only if you’re going for the antique, classic feel. Well, here we are telling you that it’s a misconception.

Brass actually gives a modern home uniqueness and classiness with its luster and sleekness. 

Embossed brass metal with antique and polished finishes is leading the furniture industry of late by adding luster and sleekness to your homes. Its unique floral, geometric, and different designs effervesce from exceptional skill which is a result of the experience of decades and the creativity of craftsmen. Embossed brass is in a league of its own it’s cool yet not cold and striking yet not stuffy. 

Embossed Brass metal Coffee tables, metal blocks, headboards, sideboards, and wall panels are the hottest furniture pieces to have in your space on the account of their beautiful, slick finishes. So, choose what is right for your space. 

Brass metal furniture makes your spaces vibrant and chic!

Guide for Metal Finishes
what is right for your space

Polished brass is one of the most popular of brass’ many finishes and styles. Available as a solid or plate finish. Its anti-corrosive qualities make it a useful metal as it doesn’t rust easily. 

Antique brass comes in a variety of hues which can be aesthetically designed to have a place in your home. 

Pair this metal with your contemporary or rich spaces and get a sophisticated effect that makes a statement. So, now you know what is right for your space and which metal finish to choose. 


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