Mother of Pearl Furniture

The Mother of Pearl Inlay furniture is a unique range of items offered at our online store. It is carefully molded from Shells into luxurious smooth and impeccable items. They combine the modern aesthetic with a touch of old age’s artistry. We provide this current age’s flair with a touch of old age’s artistry. Shop the Mother of Pearl inlay furniture is created with a material called Nacre. It is the layer that lines the inside of the shells of many different types of mollusk.

This beautiful and iridescent material has been used for centuries to create decorative items. It is also known as Nacre Furniture.

This kind of item is produced the same way it was hundreds of years ago, and it is a craft passed down through generations of artisans. Each exquisite and delicate mother of pearl piece has been handpicked by experts from Rajasthan’s land of kings. The nacre material is resistant to wear and tear, and will continue to look beautiful for years to come. Shop mother of pearl furniture pieces which can add an air of luxury with strong durability to any room.


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