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What is Inlay

Some amazing pieces of furniture were made during the time when India was under colonial rule. These pieces are still trendy because they have beautiful designs, with intricate patterns made out of bone or ivory inlaid into the wood. Sometimes, camel bone, brass, mother of pearl, German silver, and wood make beautiful art! You can browse our catalog to find some amazing inlay products.

Our talented Rajasthani artisans have crafted each piece carefully with their own hands. Each work is absolutely unique, possessing a clean aesthetic that will turn heads. All our products can withstand the test of time for generations to come. With attractive designs, these pieces boast strength in construction. There are many different colors and designs to choose from. You can find a color that will look good with any type of interior decor scheme. There are also many different sizes to choose from. Moreover, we can customize the design, color, and size according to your needs.

So, you are sure to find something you love! When you’ve selected your exquisite Indian Inlay furniture, we can arrange the delivery at a time that suits you. Our masterpiece goes on an extensive journey from the Thar Desert to your home! Let these royal pieces add luxury and grandeur to your interior decor with style.

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