Round Mother of Pearl Mirror

A round mother of pearl mirror is a great addition to any space in your home. the shape of the mirror can fit into any décor theme. The beautiful sheen from mother of pearl bounces lights off the mirror and make the space look, large, bright and airy. Order your round mother of pearl mirror today.


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This Round Mother of Pearl Mirror is truly a beautiful and unique piece. The round shape is perfect for any room in your home. And the mother of pearl detail adds a touch of elegance. Sturdy mango wood base is a sure-fire thing for adding durability to its list of adjectives.

If you are going to look in a mirror. Then you probably want a frame that really captures your essence keenly. This round mother of pearl inlay mirror frame captures the essence of virtually everyone.

  • The smooth mother of pearl design is unlike anything you have ever seen before. As its glossy sheen will brighten up just about any room.
  • This frame has been handcrafted in India by skilled craftspeople who carve out the designs intricately and expertly.
  • The circular frame is stunning to say the least, and the attention to detail really shines through in the symmetry and quality.

Underneath the mother of pearl inlay design is a sturdy wood frame that keeps the item from cracking under pressure. If you want an elegant way to look at yourself in a mirror. Then this is certainly the way to do it.

Hang this mirror in your entryway or living room to make a statement. Or use it as a focal point in your bedroom or bathroom. Regardless of where you choose to place it, this Round Mother of Pearl Mirror is sure to add a touch of beauty to your home.

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Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 70 × 5 × 70 cm


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