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Embossed White Metal Gift Box Set of 3
White Metal Box

Embossed White Metal Gift Box Set of 3

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Embossed White Metal Jewelry Box


Embossed Design

The elegant antique-style design of this set of 3 embossed white metal jewelry boxes is certainly impressive to say the least. You will be struck by the stunning nature of each box and their intricate embossed patterns. The floral designs are genuinely eye-catching and the silver sheen shines with an impressive glow. In this set, you?ll find 3 boxes descending in size from large to small. The two largest jewelry boxes feature crystal glass knobs that add an air of elegance to each piece. The smallest box doesn?t have a glass knob, but it can be easily opened with the hand. Each box is constructed in a solid wood frame for preeminent sturdiness. Handcrafted in India, these boxes are sure to give you a unique way to store your jewelry from here on out.

Sizes as follow us:

1.     20.3 L X 14 W X 8.5 H CMS.

2.     26 L X 16.8 W X 11.2 H CMS.

3.     32 L X 21 W X 13.8 H CMS.

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