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An eclectic range of bespoke, on-trend products has enabled ani-M to revolutionize the soft furnishings market while placing it at the cutting edge of the worldwide interior design scene. Inspired by fashion and lifestyle trends, the brand has received wide acclaim in the consumer print media and is noted for its comprehensive range of affordable soft furnishings, using its own extensive range of fabrics for the manufacture of bed sheets, quilt, cushions, throws, bed linen, table linen, rugs, blinds and accessories.All soft furnishings products are designed by Bone Inlay Interior Furniture textile designers and utilize the finest silk, wool, linen and cashmere. Please view a selection of soft furnishings in our soft furnishings gallery. "Luxury has never been so affordable" 'Homes & Property supplement as it applauded the "iconic" status of ani-M's exclusive soft furnishing designs.

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