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If you are looking forward to enliven up your space with the ambiance of peace and harmony, then you are at the right place. Green is arguably the most restful and soothing color for human eye. It is said to symbolize peace, unanimity and conformity. It brightens up the space with vigor and novelty. Green color extraordinarily lends both personality and tranquility to a place. If any space in your house looks like a little bit mundane or tedious, rejuvenate it with green color décor. This sets as the perfect way out to bring the nature inspired fervor and spirit to your sweet home. The green palette also overtures a magnitude of hues that ranges from summer grass to deep-shade fern. All these hues offer a bustling and refreshing feeling. This color is as varied as it is versatile. Green is also said to take up more space and thus would make your sweet home look more magnificent than ever. Being the dominant color by nature, the exquisitely chic and modern outlook that it overtures is immeasurable.
Here, at Bone Inlay Interior furniture, the amplitude of products catered under the green color palette is magnificent. This range encompasses from Dining tables, Console tables, Bedside tables, Dressers, Chests, Inlaid beds and Commodes. It also subsist other pieces of relatively smaller pieces of furniture such as Trays, Boxes and Stools. All of these home décor products are etched and carved out in a variety of diversified statement patterns of the Bone Inlay store. These are classified as Floral, Fish scale, Chevron, Marrakech and varied other Geometrical patterns. Below is the grandiose and opulent amplitude of home décor products thoughtfully designed and skillfully etched under the Bone Inlay Interior Furniture Green color range. Waggle through the best pieces of our work and make the choices for your sweet home.


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