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Gift Box Embossed Metal
White Metal Box

Gift Box Embossed Metal

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Embossed White Metal Jewelry Box


Embossed Design

Embossed white metal provides an elegant option for any piece of furniture. When you use embossed white metal for a jewelry box, the elegance factor is increased a notch. The white metal has been placed onto a solid wooden frame and then embossed with a unique, sophisticated design. Indeed, you may feel like royalty as you pull your jewelry out of this box each day. The silvery sheen is certainly a sight to behold and it provides a sort of vintage aesthetic to your home décor. The embossed patterns certainly make the box look like it?s a treasure chest of sorts. Each box is handmade in India and the attention to detail is readily apparent. Our skilled artisans work for weeks at a time to construct these sophisticated boxes to ensure their long-lasting quality. Each box is accented with a little crystal glass knob.

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