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One prominent concern to decide upon while illuminating your house with your dream settings is the pattern or design of the furniture that is to be installed. Although, many people may also go for plain or basic furniture with no embroidery etched upon it and opting the color palette according to their choice standards. But culling patterns and playing around with designs is always thought to be a good idea. Patterned furniture does not only enliven your house but stuffs it with immense gorgeous beauty and warmth. At the same time, setting up an enchanting leeway of one pattern of furniture can help you construct a theme for your dream house to rely upon. This overtures your home with a soothing and calming ambiance where the entire room or the complete house for that matter seem to become one art of beauty taking life form.

Here, at Bone Inlay Interior Furniture online store under Inlay Design amplitude we present and cater to you a wide array of completely contrasting and distinctive patterns to opt from. All of these designs are completely peculiar and each one offers its allure in an exquisite symmetry. Under the Inlay Design range we present varied diversified styles of designs under a number of sub categories. We offer Bone and Mop Inlay Pattern namely, Floral Pattern, Fish-Scale Pattern, Chevron Pattern, Geometric Pattern, Hexagon Pattern, Marrakech Pattern, Zebra Line Pattern, and Other Patterns which combine a range of all the other patterns. The color palette that overtures all these designs is magnificently sumptuous and luxuriously opulent besides being vast and enormous. These patterns have been delicately carved and sculptured by our extremely talented and skillful craftsmen and have been thoughtfully designed overtime. They are made to shine ravishingly and enliven your house turning against the wear and tear of everyday harsh lifestyle and climate. Shop now and decorate your sweet home with our extravagant patterns of furniture. 

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