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The Elegant, Exotic Beauty of Bone Inlay Furniture

Posted by Team Interior Design on 10/8/2014
The Elegant, Exotic Beauty of Bone Inlay Furniture
If you're familiar with Indian interior design, then you certainly know the elegance and exotic beauty of bone inlay furniture. The craftsmanship a lone, signifies the incredible skill and labor that goes into creating each, unique piece.

Caring for your bone inlay furniture

Posted by Team Interior Design on 9/15/2014
Most people who are familiar with bone inlay furniture already know that there's nothing else quite like it. The craftsmanship and beauty of these pieces are almost always far beyond your average piece of furniture.

Furniture Art: Bone or Mother of Pearl Inlay

Posted by Team Interior Design on 8/19/2014
Want to make an impression and own an heirloom quality piece of furniture too? All you have to do is obtain one or more pieces of beautiful bone inlay furniture for your home.

Bone Inlay Furniture Brings Art and History into the Home

Posted by Technical Support User on 10/8/2012
For centuries, artisans on the continents of Africa and Asia, and later Europe, have practiced the craft of bone inlay, also known as intarsia. This ancient art form involves creating intricate patterns and details by “laying in,” or embedding, camel bone or mother of pearl into wood. The contrast between the wood and the bone gives an illusion of depth.

Designer Inlay Furniture

Posted by Bone Inlay Interior Furniture on 11/19/2011
Bone Inlay Interior Furniture Design a new bone & mother of pearl