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Vegetable Print Cotton Printed Quilts-Inside Cotton/Poly fiber Sheet
Indian Cotton Printed Quilts

Vegetable Print Cotton Printed Quilts-Inside Cotton/Poly fiber Sheet

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Home Furnishings

Cotton Printed Quilt - Inside Cotton/Poly Fiber Sheet

The purple base color on this cotton print quilt is subtle with a taste of class and sensibility. It?s ornamented with stunning designs that sprawl across the surface of the quilt beautifully. The design features a natural scene that can make you feel connected to the outdoors even from the comfort of your own bed. With colorful birds, flowers, vines, and berries, this quilt design is truly a sight to be seen. The color scheme is vibrant and modern, but the designs are actually quite traditional and hearken to the past. These quilts are made by traditional handcrafters in the Indian province of Rajasthan, and each quilt is made with care. Beyond the designs and the traditional heritage of these quilts, you?ll find eminently usability. The quilts are perfect as a comforter for cold nights in your bed and they can fit to just about any size bed you have.

Size: 220 x 260 Cms.

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