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Silk Quilt Green Shade-Inside Cotton/Poly fiber Sheet
Indian Silk Quilts

Silk Quilt Green Shade-Inside Cotton/Poly fiber Sheet

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Home Furnishings

Silk Quilt - Inside Cotton/Poly Fiber Sheet

Green is the color of life and vitality and nowhere is that more apparent than with this green silk quilt. The deep verdant shades are soothing and lovely and the perfect addition to any bedding set. Green is one of the most calming colors and it can whisk you away to sleep in preeminent comfort. This quilt also features a great deal of patterns that run cross-wise across the plane of the quilt. Each of these patterns is intricately detailed with a number of different shades of green and other colors. Everything you see on the quilt was handcrafted by our skilled artisans in the Rajasthan province in India. This is a quilt that is modern while still hearkening back to old Indian traditions. It?s also comfortable, warm, and capable of fitting on just about any bed you have.

Size: 220 x 260 Cms.

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