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Rajasthani Silk Quilt-Inside Cotton/Poly fiber Sheet
Indian Silk Quilts

Rajasthani Silk Quilt-Inside Cotton/Poly fiber Sheet

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Home Furnishings

Silk Quilt - Inside Cotton/Poly Fiber Sheet

If your life is lacking a little color, then this handmade silk quilt will certainly brighten your outlook. It has been handcrafted in India by skilled artisans who have spent a lifetime perfecting their art. The quilt is also one of the most colorful items you?ll find for your bedspread. You?ll find white, red, brown and more all of which are scattered about in symmetrical patterns. The quilt also has a vibrant blue fringe that really rounds out the overall appeal. Of course, the traditional handiwork is unique to the Indian province of Rajasthan where these items are made. This quilt is large enough to place over just about any size bed and can even act as a nice blanket for your couch. The bight vibrant colors are also bolstered by the warmth that the quilt can provide.

Size: 220 x 260 Cms.

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