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Furniture Art: Bone or Mother of Pearl Inlay

Posted by Team Interior Design on 8/19/2014
Want to make an impression and own an heirloom quality piece of furniture too? All you have to do is obtain one or more pieces of beautiful bone inlay furniture for your home. It's as simple as that. 

 Each piece of bone inlay furniture is unique although it may follow the same pattern as many others. Many pieces are of antique design but there are other styles as well which would look wonderful with almost any decor as a striking accent piece or a focus point for everything from modern apartments to traditional homes. There are many colors available also which can make a traditionally designed piece look extremely modern, so you have a lot to choose from. 

 The craft of bone inlay is an ancient craft and is specific to the Udaipur region of India. These artists consider furniture and wood as a place to decorate and design, which is a different thought from the rest of the world. Bone, either in its natural color or dyed, is inserted in beautiful and intricate repeat patterns into channels made in the wood which makes up a piece of furniture. 

 Many are the descriptive words for this type of decorative art. Since each piece is hand made, making bone inlay furniture is detailed, time consuming work and can take several workmen many weeks to craft a beautiful piece of furniture. These are far from factory produced items and will vary from piece to piece. The bone that is used is often camel bone from animals that have died of natural causes, but if bone doesn't sound appealing to you, mother of pearl is also available. 

 Mother of pearl is a naturally occurring, very strong product of mollusks, of the same chemical make up as pearls. Its varying shades and iridescence can make a beautiful piece of furniture a beautiful piece of art and mother of pearl pieces are made with the same painstaking skill as bone inlaid furniture. Mother of pearl can also be dyed or bleached for different color effects. For samples of mother of pearl, look for buttons or inlays on stringed instruments.

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