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Embroidered Garden Umbrella
Embroidered Garden Umbrella

Embroidered Garden Umbrella

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Embroidered Garden Umbrella

Garden umbrellas are generally great for providing shade for your outdoor table, and this embroidered garden umbrella will certainly prove useful in that endeavor. But, it?s likely that you haven?t seen a garden umbrella quite like this one anywhere else. The sheer amount of color in the embroidered design is eye-popping to say the least. Handcrafted in India, this garden umbrella uses traditional designs and the expert handiwork is readily apparent. The embroidered cotton is situated on top of a sturdy metal frame that is covered up by another layer of cotton fabric underneath. Although the beauty of this design is on full display, you?ll also find that this umbrella is eminently functional. Its durable construction and stunning design make it the ideal garden umbrella for your outdoor activities.

Size: 2.5 Meter

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