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Posted by Bone Inlay Interior Furniture on 11/19/2011
Bone Inlay Interior Furniture Design a new bone & mother of pearl inlay furniture range which you have never seen before these products. Feel these products and decor your home like a haven with us....Bone Inlay Interior going to launch very soon in other other countries too.

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Allen Steve
Date: 1/21/2012
Romance in Wood------- During my short stay in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, I witnessed a very unique marvel of human craftsmanship, which tempted me share it with you all. In the age of modern computerized manufacturing process, Rajasthan’s Bone Inlay Furniture is so unique that it appears to be ‘fresh mountain breeze’ in a smoke producing industrial town. I was mesmerized to see the use of ‘pietra dura’ work in wood and immediately remembered the great monument of love – the Tajmahal, The young entrepreneur of Bone Inlay Interior Furniture in his manufacturing unit was really excited to explain his French customer about the process and intricacies involved in its production. Then only I understood what I read once: ‘Bone inlay work and hand painted work are cottage industries of Rajasthan. Traditionally this craft would have used ivory. One bone inlaid chest of drawers requires several thousand bone pieces and takes about a month to make

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