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Cotton Printed Bedspread-1 Pillow-2 Cushion-2 Quilt-1 -6 Pcs. Set
Indian Soft Furnishing

Cotton Printed Bedspread-1 Pillow-2 Cushion-2 Quilt-1 -6 Pcs. Set

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Home Furnishings

1 Cotton Printed Bedspread 2 Pillow 2 Cushion 1 Quilt 6 Pcs. Set

Most of the world understands the value of cotton, and this cotton printed bedspread set is something that has immediate value to any onlooker. The cotton printed features a few different shades of striking blue ranging from beautiful sky blue to elegant dark blue. There are six pieces in this soft furnishing set including the bed sheet cover, a quilt, two cushions, and two pillows. All of these pieces contain the same pattern and blue color scheme, and the elegance and sophistication is on full display. The centerpiece of each item is a floral, flowing design with vines reaching and wrapping around one another. Everything in this set has been handcrafted in India for superior excellence and authenticity. With this elegant bedspread set, you will also find a cozy place to lie down each night and enter into a deep, luxurious slumber.

Cotton Printed Bed Sheet Cover - 1 Pc.    

Size: 220 x 260 Cms.

Cotton Printed Pillow  - 2 Pcs. (without foam) 

Size: 40 x 60 Cms.

Cotton Printed Cushion  - 2 Pcs. (without foam) 

Size: 40 x 40 Cms.

Cotton Printed Quilt  - 1 Pc.  

Size: 220 x 260 Cms.

Total  - 6 pcs Set

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