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Children Embroidery Multi Color Umbrella
Embroidered Kids Umbrella

Children Embroidery Multi Color Umbrella

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Embroidered Kids/Children?s Umbrella

When you think of parasols or umbrellas, you usually think of drab, solid black items that are only good for keeping you in the shade and out of the rain. But, this vibrant, eye-catching embroidered lace parasol is something that will certainly stand out in a crowd. Made for children, the parasol provides bright designs that reveal its unique Indian background. Indeed, each of these umbrellas is embroidered in India by skilled craftspeople. The handiwork will be immediately apparent. The parasol is bursting with color and you won?t find another one quite like this. In fact, this parasol is so chromatic and lively that you might think it doesn?t function as an actual parasol. Of course, that couldn?t be further from the truth. This parasol is just as durable and functional as any old monochromatic parasol that might be considered more traditional.

Size: 2ft Open

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