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1 Silk Embroidered Bedspread 2 Pillow 2 Cushion 1 Quilt 6 Pcs. Set
Indian Soft Furnishing

1 Silk Embroidered Bedspread 2 Pillow 2 Cushion 1 Quilt 6 Pcs. Set

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Embroidery Silk Bedspread 1 Pillow 2 Cushion 2 Quilt 1 - 6 Pcs. Set

Embroidered silk is one of the most elegant design materials that you?ll find. With this bedspread set, there are 6 total pieces of shiny silk embroidery that will brighten up the look of any bedroom. The silk is soft and the embroidered design is subtle and beautiful. The bed sheet cover and quilt are accented with simply great look of purple that really provide a stunning sense of beauty. The cushions and pillows also provide a sense of beauty with their gold shiny silk tone scheme with design in the center & border area. Every piece in this set was intricately handcrafted and embroidered by skilled craftspeople in India. The designs hearken back to a traditional Indian technique, and each artisan takes great care to craft these to a high standard. Of course, this bedspread set is both beautiful and comfortable, making it the best of both worlds.

Embrodiery Silk Bed Sheet Cover    - 1 Pc.    

Size: 220 x 260 Cms.

Embrodiery Silk Pillow                   - 2 Pcs. (without foam) 

Size: 40 x 60 Cms.

Embrodiery Silk Cushion                 - 2 Pcs. (without foam) 

Size: 40 x 40 Cms.

Embrodiery Silk Quilt                     - 1 Pc.  

Size: 220 x 260 Cms.

Total                                         - 6 pcs Set

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